Vietnamese Soup Recipes

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I love preparing the broth for my Vietnamese Soups.  It really takes a lot of time and patience to make the perfect broth, but it is well worth all the hard work.  You can freeze your broth, so make a big batch!

I purchase my beef and pork soup bones from a butcher in Fredericksburg.  They call them dog bones, but I call them inexpensive soup bones.  It’s not like they drop them on the floor, or cut them any different, and they do have some meat on them.  We are mainly wanting the marrow for the flavoring of the broth. After I make my broth, I freeze the cooked bones, and then use them as dog bones.

I purchase chicken quarters for my chicken broth, when they are on sale, usually $1.00 a pound sold in 5 pound bags.

You will be roasting the bones dry in high heat in the oven.  Then use a little wine to loosen up the browned bits. Transfer the bones to a large soup pot, add water and an herb packet and cook for several hours.

Like I said, I make a big batch and freeze in smaller packages.  When we want some soup, I just remove a packet of broth from the freezer and add the rest of the ingredients!

Here are some recipes that I have created for my new Vietnamese Cuisine:

Vietnamese Beef Pho

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle with Bamboo Shoots Soup

Vietnamese Hot and Sour Soup

Vietnamese Steamed Clams in a Ginger Broth

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