Cooking Vietnamese Food

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Hello, I’m Ramona Werst….you can download my eBook here.  Just enter your email address, tell me where to send it, and I’ll get it to you right away.

Cooking Vietnamese Food tells a lot of the history and the “behind the scenes” stories of how the Vietnamese view food and some of the natural ingredients they use.  For instance, they use a lot of fresh vegetables and fresh basil when they cook their favorite dishes.

And when they cook, it’s very often a family affair where they visit and linger over a meal.  It is interesting that they often use their food as folk remedies for various ailments.  You can also follow my personal journey and learn more about me, as I learn more about the food and culture of the land of my birth.

It’s my culture…It’s my food..go ahead and get your free copy of Cooking Vietnamese Food today.